Association of Arab Universities Journal for Arts مجلة اتحاد الجامعات العربية للآداب

Association of Arab Universities Journal for Arts  مجلة اتحاد الجامعات العربية للآداب

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This study aims to examine how the Jordanian daily newspapers cover topics that are related to the terrorist group: Daesh. The study is descriptive and used content analysis approach to provide an accurate description of the topics that have addressed Daesh in the Jordanian daily newspapers. The population of the study consisted of all Jordanian daily newspapers, while the sample composed of local Jordanian Newspapers (Al Rai, Al Ghad, and Al Sabeel). By using the industrial week, the study came up with these results: - In terms of trends, Al Ghad provided more supported trends on the war against Daesh and was ranked first (36.8%), while Al Rai came second (14.8) and Al Sabeel placed in the third rank (13.8%). - As for the implications that are included in the articles and analyses, the attitude, which states that the liberalization of Al Ramadi will give hope in the liberation of the rest of the Iraqi cities, and the victory over Daesh, ranked first in Al Rai (30%), whereas the attitude, which states that Daesh’s control of its fans through media ideology and the ways Daesh uses to revenge, ranked first by (18.9%) in Al Ghad newspaper. In Al Sabeel newspaper, the attitude, which states that removal of the The People's Mobilization (in Arabic named Al Hashed al-Shaabi) form fighting Daesh pushes Sunni tribes to fight Daesh, ranked first (14.3%). - News stories about Daesh were the journalist styles used in both Al Rai (63.9%) and Al Sabeel (58.6%), while news reports about Daesh ranked first in Al Ghad (36.8%). - As for the news sources, the Arabic and international news agencies were the most news sources used in the sample of the study, in particular, about (88.5%) in Al Rai, and 51.3% in Al Ghad, and 62.1% in Al Sabeel.