Association of Arab Universities Journal for Arts مجلة اتحاد الجامعات العربية للآداب

Association of Arab Universities Journal for Arts  مجلة اتحاد الجامعات العربية للآداب

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The aim of this study is to identify attitudes of students in Grade Ten towards Islamic Education Subject in Dhofar Governorate per variables (Type, Academic Achievement level, parents educational level and parents monthly income). Data were collected by a questionnaire consisting of 27 paragraphs where its validity and reliability were verified. The study was conducted on male and female students in Grade Ten in Dhofar Governorate. The findings showed that attitudes of Grade Ten students towards Islamic Education subject are positive attitudes based on calculating theoretical mean on scale 6/3=2 and compare it to mean of students’ responses on the scale whereby most of the means were with (Agree) which is above 2. The study shows that there are no statistical differences between mean responses of the sample on attitudes scale towards Islamic Education subject based on (Type and Academic Achievement). However, there are statistical differences between means of sample’s responses based on the variable of the parents’ educational level. The study also concluded that there is a statistical weak, negative and inverse relationship between means of the sample’s responses on scale of attitudes towards Islamic Education subject and parents’ monthly income. The researcher used different statistical methods to demonstrate findings as follows: Frequency, mean, percentage, T-Test, ANOVA test, and Pearson correlation coefficient. The study recommends that it is necessary to enhance positive attitudes towards the subject through diverse teaching strategies, active learning, and using activities associated with the lessons.

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