Association of Arab Universities Journal for Arts مجلة اتحاد الجامعات العربية للآداب

Association of Arab Universities Journal for Arts  مجلة اتحاد الجامعات العربية للآداب

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This research deals with the structure of the Session (“Umliah”) in Sharif alMurtada’s book (“Amali” 436 AH) which is known as (“Al-Ghurar Wa Al-Durdar”), demonstrating its concept, method, contents, aesthetic form, cultural value and patterns. The Session (Umliah) consists of distinct literary texts, intentionally chosen by the writer, from different historical eras, and various cultural genres, including Qur'anic texts, prophetic traditions, poems, letters and various speeches, news, narratives, proverbs, and different intellectual issues. The (Amali) Works are a collection of literary encyclopedias, expressing the interest of the author and the people of his time in cultural, specialized knowledge, religious, historical, moral, intellectual, social, artistic, and other issues, reflecting the level of their aesthetic taste in their selection and expression. The author presents these complex issues in an eductional way, aiming to convey such various congnitive contents to readers by simplifying such contents, so an average human being can understand and intellectual people do not feel bored. To achieve this goal, the author explains, discusses, analyzes, and simplifies and clarifies the strange and vague propositions, presented to students and expressed in lectures held in scientific Sessions at a specific place in specific times and that is why these Sessions were referred to as “Amali.” He allowed for those people who attended these Sessions to share what they learned with other people, so knowledge can be widely circulated among different generations. The researcher relies on the literary, historical, satistical, and descriptive approach.