Association of Arab Universities Journal for Arts مجلة اتحاد الجامعات العربية للآداب

Association of Arab Universities Journal for Arts  مجلة اتحاد الجامعات العربية للآداب

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Argumentative studies are among the most important studies that investigate the relationship of discourse with the recipient in terms of influence and persuasion. There was a need to research the argumentative discourse mechanisms in order to know the intent of the discourse as a message that includes persuasive and influential dimensions. The argumentative view of the discourse goes beyond the aesthetic goal to the affective element through the communicative goal of the discourse, and also devotes rhetorical and artistic aesthetics to the formulation of influence and persuasion and highlighting it in the discourse. Argumentation is one of the most important means for the speaker to convey his perceptions to the recipient, relying on a number of mechanisms that contribute to achieving his goals.The purpose of this study is to investigate the mechanisms of argumentation of AlTawhidi in his book enjoyment and sociability, through an applied study for one sample, which is the sixth night; that dealt comparison between Arabs and Persians, relying on contemporary linguistic perceptions of the concept of pilgrims and its various mechanisms, the research is based on an applied textual study that attempts to reveal the reservoirs of ingenuity in arguing with the Persian other in a language based on argument and proof in presenting the monotheistic point of view defending the Arabs. The study discussed the mechanisms of Al-Tawhidi in justifying his argumentation in the studied sample; And the methods that he followed in forming an argumentative image are based on evidence and proof. The study adopted the analytical descriptive approach as a systematic path of applied research on the sixth night of enjoyment and sociability by examining the argumentative mechanisms adopted by Al-Tawhidi in defending the Arabs. These mechanisms have emerged in several methods of question and answer, and discussion of the issues, adopting the method of luring in order to reach the results. In addition to the method of measurement and presentation of evidence, the importance of argumentative mechanisms appeared in diversifying the method of presenting issues for discussion with multiple mechanisms that contributed to providing a communicative environment for discourse so that it was not confined to one side, but was interactive, which gave the results reached by al-Tawhidi a greater influential and persuasive value. An effective argumentative value also emerged for the linguistic mechanisms on which the discourse was based in the studied sample, in addition to investing the Japanese and artistic mechanisms in formulating the influential discourse in the formation of the argumentative discourse. The applied study of the pilgrims in the enjoyment and sociability of the sixth night is a model that gives an integrated picture of the contribution made by the pilgrims studies in studying the mechanisms of influence and persuasion in the traditional discourse in Arabic literature. The study concluded several findings, such as; the appearance of the argumentative structure in the text studied in two forms: the first: in which Al-Tawhidi appeared as a narrator and transmitter, as he questioned the heritage and conveyed what he heard in his style and method. The second: Al-Tawhidi appeared in it as an interlocutor and an argument that pushes the opponent's statements through various argumentative tools and methods.