AAU Journal of Business and Law مجلة جامعة العين للأعمال والقانون

AAU Journal of Business and Law   مجلة جامعة العين للأعمال والقانون


Innovation and leadership are so closely interrelated that leadership thinks of the future and innovation is the fruit of leadership in the future. This paper aims to determine whether leadership leads to innovation. Under visionary leadership, innovation can progress and bear fruit. An appropriate framework to provide a platform for innovation is a necessary condition and requires the appropriate leadership to guide its flow in that direction. Competency for innovation arrises from two main cores: interior and exterior. The exterior core has three components: culture, resources, and habitat; the interior core also has three components: knowledge, attitude, and imagination. The components of, the exterior core, relates to the outside world and one’s surroundings whereas the components of the interior core relate to us as individuals. The job of leadership is to create a platform wherein the inner forces synchonize with the outside forces. This paper uses Seelig’s Innovation Engine, model to measure innovation progress in multiple industries in the Gulf region and to identify the most innovative industries. A survey, distributed to leaders in several major industries, was collected, analyzed, and presented.