AAU Journal of Business and Law مجلة جامعة العين للأعمال والقانون

AAU Journal of Business and Law   مجلة جامعة العين للأعمال والقانون


It is of paramount difficulty to capture the governance and management arrangements of a higher education institution. There is no unified model of university governance system. University governance depends on the type of property ownership, its management paradigm, and its set of goals and objectives. Under the auspices of internationalization of higher education and the fierce competition after the prevalence of higher education privatization، and the move of public higher education institutions to self-finance sustainability, the proposal for tracing out a system of university governance requires the detection of three elements: Governance of academics, business governance، and corporate governance. The first element treats the management of academic affairs. Business governance manages the measurement of the institution performance, while corporate governance manages the development of the institution organizational culture. The paper aims at analyzing the university governance of an Arab higher education institution, where the higher education system is witnessing reform policies in face of rising higher education globalization and a fierce competition in the higher education industry. The analysis is taken within a risk management approach.