AAU Journal of Business and Law مجلة جامعة العين للأعمال والقانون

AAU Journal of Business and Law   مجلة جامعة العين للأعمال والقانون


The research aims to identify the extent to which Palestinian leaders possess strategic intelligence and their ability to achieve competitive advantage for their universities. The authors formulated two main hypotheses and research questions that cover all aspects of the research. The authors implemented the descriptive analytical method, and used questionnaires as the main tool for data collection. The population of the study was (108) questionnaires, while the sample was 74 questionnaires. The study used the stratified random sampling method. SPSS program was used for statistical input, processing and analysis of the data. The results showed that strategic intelligence has an impact on achieving competitive advantage. The results also showed that the strategic intelligence level of the Palestinian universities leaders is (81%), while the competitive advantage rate was (75%). Results also showed that there is no statistically significant difference between the respondents' responses about the level of strategic intelligence of academic leaders in achieving competitive advantage, according to the study variables (the administrative level, the university). The study recommended the need to strengthen all aspects of competitive advantage, namely improving the image of the university, and adopting a policy of innovation, creation and total quality management.