AAU Journal of Business and Law مجلة جامعة العين للأعمال والقانون

AAU Journal of Business and Law   مجلة جامعة العين للأعمال والقانون


The study searches the nature of breaking news and its growing presence in newsrooms and on television screens. It has also tried to find out the relationship of breaking news with fake news. In addition, it investigates the legal and moral controls associated with the various forms of dealing with it. The study reached a number of results, the most important of which are:

  • The breaking news on television is no longer an exception or an unexpected case, in the light of the ferocious competition and mounting live fever but has become a rule in the news work.
  • The emergence of new values in television coverage of breaking news.
  • The development of the phenomenon of non-compliance with media content standards and legal and ethical controls in news coverage due to news competition.
  • The shift of news coverage on television, from breaking news to urgent (proactive) news.
  • The increase of claims by the regulatory bodies and control authorities for the need to respect professional, legal and ethical controls in media practice, including news. In light of its results, the study recommends the following measures:
  • Introduction of legal articles in the audio-visual media legislation related to breaking news coverage controls.
  • Proclamation of a media honor code for media professionals working in the field of breaking news services. - The creation of prizes for credible dealing with breaking news on TV channels.
  • Training of professionals to distinguish between breaking news and fake news. - Introducing breaking news in media education and educational curricula.
  • Introducing breaking news as a subject or as a primary focus in news courses in media colleges and departments.