Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


Al Farabi is one of the most prominent Muslim philosophers who achieve their intellectual works in various field of sciences, which he has advantage in the political and social philosophy we believe, that, his works contain the contents of administrative and organizational worthy of research. Actually, this study has confirmed that the administrative and organizational thought and philosophy at the level of maturity, importance and depth, that is, interesting to research and study. The thoughts of Al Farabi is a real addition and cumulative in public administration. And the administrative and organizational thought can serve any breakthrough research adopt the historic authenticating curriculum of such achievements, that is, to identify and characterize the extent and volume of their relationship and attachments and roots of contemporary ideas in the same field. Accordingly; this study, which depends basically on Al Farabi’s writing dealing with management and on some resources that depend on his writing, refer to: Al Farabi’s thought and ideas are in stage of Philosophical theoretic which emulate and consummate with modern management writing and ideas, Especially his opinion that related to Leadership, Strategic Vision and Management, Hierarchy, Organization, Specialization, and even field of innovation management or corruption issues and others, were in high level of theoretic. The research basically depends on a main assumption that: our philosopher works obvious Islamic notable philosophy and ideas for foundations of administrative science in general, and specifically for Islamic administration, And his philosophy and ideas are as deep and recognized as to compete and emulate the modern though in organization and management, The study has proved the assumption via the text and terms of Al Farabi’s writing, and through the modern explanation of his thought and ideas. Most important of the conclusions is: Al Farabi can be described as one of the most important and premier classical school management theoretician beside of their different philosophy and theories.