Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


This study aims to determine the ability of supervisors Educationalists decision-making in the offices of educational supervision, by throwing light on the factors influencing the decision of the supervising educational, by answering the following questions of the study: 1- What is the relationship of custom and supervisors Educationalists decision-making? 2- What is the relationship of professional experience and supervisors Educationalists decision-making? 3- What does the scientific basis of the Educationalists supervisors to take their own decisions? 4- Are there differences between supervisors Educationalists attributed to the following variables: academic qualifications, type of work, years of experience, number of training programs? 5- What mechanisms proposed to improve the ability of supervisors Educationalists to take the right decision? The researcher used the questionnaire that was applied on a random sample of supervisors Educationalists in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, and reached a number of results, including: There is a strong relationship between custom and tradition on Educationalists decision-making, and we can deduce from it not to follow scientific methods in decision-making and rely on custom and traditions, and the relationship of each of the professional expertise and scientific basis and take supervisors Educationalists of tough decisions is strong.We infer from the above that professional experience related to custom and tradition, but miss the link between the center of the scientific basis and all of professional experience, custom and tradition, and the current study confirmed the absence of differences between supervisors Educationalists attributed to the variables of the study, given that the appointment of supervising the educational require access to a qualified university education, but for the lack of adequate number of specialized training courses with a number of years of experience, because of the lack of specialized programs in decision-making supervisory education provided to supervisors Educationalists as the environment of educational need to design specialized programs dealing with situations and challenges which they are exposed.The study suggested mechanisms to improve the scientific capacity of supervisors Educationalists to take supervisory decisions, as recommended in the light of the findings a number of future studies in the field of educational supervision.