Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The essential problem, of this research is trying to know and clear WAKF and the capacity of this Toole to achieve economic development. Then, the research hypothesis is: WAKF is an Islamic Economic tool depends on Islamic fiscal and economic system for achieving economic development. The purpose of the research is investigating the above mentioned hypothesis by using the following sub-stages: - Studying the theoretical and applications framework of WAKF is an Islamic Economic tool. - The important of WAKF at a whole. - The role and the important of WAKF to achieve economic development. Cornering Methodology, it employs three Methods: Deduction method, Induction method and historical approach. At the end, from this research, we can obtain the following results, which can be concluded as the following: 1- There are essential theoretical and applied framework of Islamic Economic and fiscal system. 2- WAKF as Islamic Economic Tool can be used for developed or developing and even least developing countries. 3- This tool may be better than others to achieve Economic development. 4- WAKF had a theoretical framework of economic development 5- WAKF had applied framework of economic development. 6- Many countries try to apply this tool during its economic development programs. WAKF effects on macro-economic variables (like consumption production, Investment, saving, income distribution …etc.).