Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The aim of the study is exploring how private sector uses women part-time work in Saudi Arabia. The study focuses, also on the motivations and difficulties face organizations that use part-time work for women. There are number of factors that insure the importance of this study. Population has grown to 28 million in Saudi Arabia (2011), as women represent 49%, besides the growing number of educated women in the society. However, unemployment among women is 28%. There are promising job opportunities in the private sector, and as women face some difficulties doing the full time job, part-time job represents an important choice. To achieve the study objectives, a field study applied in Qassim area, as it is more convenient to the researcher. Qassim has an important economic role in Saudi Arabia. 300 questionnaires distributed in the largest 3 cities in Qassim, Buraidah, Unaizah, and Alrus. They are collected personally, and the response rate is 48%.It has been found that most of the companies are applying part time job for women, and more than 44% of these companies are planning to use it in the future. It was also found that the number of factors motivating the companies to use part time jobs. The most important are, it helps providing job opportunities for women, and helps companies to release work pressure. Finally, limited numbers of difficulties face the companies, some of which are the increase of job turn over, and it decreases the employee loyalty. Results, revealed that a large number of participated organizations use part-time work to employ women. 35% of the women has part-time job in those companies, as 48.6% of them are Saudies, and 51.4% are non-Saudies. The study also revealed that more than 44% of the companies increased their use of part-time job, and 45% of them are planning to continue using this kind of job.The results indicate that there are a number of motivations to apply part-time job for women. Some of these motivations are: "providing job for woman", "useful at season times", and "help to test the employee".