Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


This study provide an assessment of the efficiency for the Iraqi market for securities at weak level through the analysis of the monthly closing prices behavior for shares, that listed to the companies in the Iraqi market for securities، which related to 73 companies during the period (2005-2011), to determine whether stock prices are characterized by independent or not? And whether subject to the normal distribution or not? also through using of statistical models for different test imposed formula groups, such as the link serial (serial correlation), and link the repeated (run Test) in order to determine the degree of independence or random series of consecutive prices, and test (KS) to measure the degree of normal distribution. The most important results of the study showed that it is not characterized by changes of closing prices for shares to the Iraqi market for securities, as well as the possibility of additional revenue (capital gains), and the lack of independence of changes in closing prices for shares of listed companies in the Iraqi market for securities, and the closing prices of shares that were not characterized by normal distribution. Based on these results, the study found that the Iraqi market for securities is not efficient at low level, as the available data and information about the stock prices that are not reflected correctly and continuous on stock prices.