Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


This study aims to put under analyzes Range of the impact of Deposit Insurance System on the stability of the banking system in terms of reviewing the features, details, reasons of its establishment and the main issues related to the deposit insurance systems. as well as explaining the other components of the financial safety net which is the function of the central bank as the Lender of Last Resort and Prudential Regulations and Supervision of Banks, also this research clarifies the nature of interrelationships and the mechanism of information exchange and the coordination between the various components of the financial safety net. The study used the analytical descriptive method and the comprehensive survey to study and analyze various aspects of the deposit insurance systems and its importance in supporting the financial safety net. The study used the questionnaires to collect data from the origin recourses, which has been distributed to all members of the study community which are (85) employee represented by general/regional managers, their deputies and assistants in operating banks in Palestine, in addition to the staff of banking supervision department and department of research and monetary policies in the Palestine Monetary Authority. The study concludes that there is a presence of a significant and essential influence to establish a system in order to insure the Palestinian deposits in order to increase the degree of confidence in the Palestinian banking system, as well as to increase the stability of deposits and attracting more savings, as well as the positive influence on increasing the flexibility of credit policies in the Palestinian Banking System. The study recommends the need to establish a system to insure that Palestinian deposits in the light of what was cleared of a positive impact on strengthening and enhancing the stability of the banking system and increase the vital role played by banks in serving of the Palestinian economy and society.