Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The purpose of this descriptive and cross-sectional analysis is to study leadership profiles of the heads of technical departments in technical colleges in the western region of Saudi Arabia, and explore the relationship between department heads’ transformational leadership behaviours, trainers’ job satisfaction, and some demographic variables. The data were collected through the distribution of one questionnaire among 357 trainers in the five technical colleges in the western region of Saudi Arabia. Three instruments were used in the questionnaire: the Roueche, Baker and Rose (1989) model to assess department chair transformational leadership behaviours; the Mohrman, Cooke, Mohrman, Duncan and Zaltman (1977) model of Morhman-Cooke-Morhman Job Satisfaction Scale (MCMJSS); and a demographic segment. The results shows that the dominant transformational behaviour was (value), with a mean score of 3.89, while (Motivation) was perceived as the weakest of the transformational behaviours with a mean score of 3.75. The analysis support relationship between department heads perceived transformational and college trainers’ job satisfaction.