Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The phenomenon of prejudice has not been given sufficient attention in the literature. In Arab World, particularly in the field of management, it can be stated that it is a neglected phenomenon. Research problem stems from the fact that managerial thought lacks theoretical components, which can help it to transit from the non-recognition of that phenomenon and then not responding and not treating it to the stage of recognition, diagnosis and development of appropriate and preventive solutions to address this phenomenon in contemporary organizations in a systematic management approach. These solutions should utilize both legislative and administrative frameworks, taking into account different factors affecting specifically the Arab administrative environment.This research contributes in bridging a part of the gap in the literature of management through proposing a theoretical framework helping to integrate the phenomenon of prejudice into the management's conceptual, theoretical and practical framework. Therefore, this research is the first of its kind as it seeks to develop the underpinning components of such a framework, after reviewing analytically and critically the literature and certain relevant practices. It proposes a definition of prejudice from a managerial perspective and develops some of such underpinning components, which included: managerial principles, managerial policies, managerial legislation, managerial procedures, and managerial training. This research uses the analytical inductive-deductive approach, considering cultural, social, political and economic factors.