Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


Number of field examples point out that developing countries face probable crisis in implementing their developmental strategic plans. Drastic changes and modifications in plans budgets as sighted in the Statistical Year Books in the UN is one evidence. The objective of this research is to find out the real reason for the strategic planning crisis on the hope of developing a viable solution. Findings of the analysis point out those strategic plans in the developing countries usually face what is called Wicked Problem which can lead to crisis. Therefore a dynamic approach which corresponds with the dynamics of the non- linear World environment has been suggested to save guard strategic plans from possible crises as follow: 1- Avoid unreasonable bias towards up-down or down up planning. 2- Authorize eligible operational leaderships the jurisdiction of developing required contingency plans. 3- Limit upper leadership’s interventions in developing local contingency plans to the least possible level. 4- Authorizing eligible operational leaderships the jurisdiction of developing contingency plans as levels of in institutionalism and jobs loyalty in the concerned administrative systems are maximized. 5- Maximizing operational leadership’s jurisdiction for developing local contingency plans as upper leaderships coordination capabilities are maximized.