Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The study concerned with studying fifteen selected applied research for interpreting the achievement motivation for achievement of students of some Saudi Universities during the period from 1406 H up to 1434 H. It aims to identify the most important aspects of such decrease in this motivation with Saudi students, its reasons and how to treat it by using Sampling strategy via the Method of content analysis of the results of such research. The study reached to a strategy for reformation as follows: 1- The spread of Cognitive motivation culture and academic achievement among students. 2- Develop and activate the mechanisms of academic counseling of students 3- Improve the material environment of the university in general, and provide all of its needs. 4- Activate the role of faculty members as a teacher in the Saudi universities towards increasing such motivation of the students via: a. Feedback of the trends of such motivation with students. b. Formulate the research and scientific ego of such students and achieve their aims. c. Raise the Saudi student needs for success and excellence