Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The basic idea of the this research is that the evolution in technology and industry led to the development of the maintenance in general and Productive Maintenance overall, in particular, has become a key element of the basics of evolution in the organizations productivity and service alike, which require it to the need to apply advanced science for maintenance at all levels and the responsibility of all workers and other departments, and stems the importance of research through focus and increase the effectiveness of the machinery and equipment and reduce the times of stops and prevent breakdowns, and sample consisted of (30) of the individuals working in the maintenance department, and were tested hypothesis search key using Discriminate analysis gradual distinction dimensions search by availability in Organization surveyed health, and research found a set of conclusions, including: And there are positive indications on the availability of the majority of the pillars of Productive Maintenance Comprehensive Health Organization surveyed These results give important indicators about the attention the organization surveyed for these cornerstones, and based on the conclusions reached by the search researcher presented a set of proposals notably the need to understand the organization of health surveyed the foundations of Productive Maintenance overall is an integrated and coherent system should not be attention to each other without because it does not serve the objectives of the organization in reducing the cost structure and achieve competitive advantage.