Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


Some may not realize the importance of the environmental factors and their effect on the managerial and marketing process, so that marketing directors sometimes get surprised with a set of variables that lead the organization to get out of markets. This danger stems from the lack of scientific literature that doesn’t pay enough attention to this aspect, and this becomes clear in the results of our questionnaire that was addressed to professors and marketing experts. Ignoring the external environmental terms in the Arabic scientific literature may leave a negative impact on the future director's (students) ability in assessing the risks that their organizations can be exposed to, especially with the speed of communication, modern transportation that impose marketing directors to a daily follow up for the whole environmental variables. The danger lies also in the quick pursuit of the consumer towards the same variables through their consumption selectivity due to modern e-marketing. The correct understanding of organizational environment enables us to choose the best marketing strategies in solving the problems of environmental variables in various forms, where the researchers see that there are two different organizational approaches in dealing with this sensitive subject. First, from the organizational point of view, organizations are addressed to alert about the negative effect of ignoring the concepts of organizational environment. Second, the scientific point of view is through addressing students to deepen the concept of organizational environment and increase environmental awareness among targeted consumers about offered products, so that the expected pressure from students and citizens on management throughout their selectivity that can be used as a means of pressure to pay attention to the negative environmental impacts on the surrounded environment. And this is what the Western Societies recognized, by appearing different political parties by students themselves based on environmental and social awareness. Finally, foreign references cannot be relied on in understanding the external environmental variables, because they are not qualified to describe the Arab environment, especially if it is related to the compression of cultural and intellectual variables. Moreover, Arab revolutions could be an unforgettable lesson to many directors who ignore these variables.