Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The study addressed a basic problem conserving the urgent need for modern method to keep large amounts of customer-related data are distributed and spread in different ears inside and outside the organization and stored in various and non-homogeneous data base and system, as well as, the need access to, processing and analysis these data to discover information and knowledge which help predict the needs and desires and all this is to support the organization ability to manage its relation with the customer better. The basic objectives of the study is designing a data warehouse by adopting this data warehouse will be adopted to store data relevant to customer in an integrated form and for long periods of time. In addition to the use of on- line analytical processing and reporting tools as tools of business intelligence. Case study is adopted in this study which applied in the clothes factory in Mosul, as the organization case study. The research concludes that data warehouse supports Customer relationship management in the organization under research because it represents historical record of the customers and their purchases and orders within a long period of time of dealing with the factory and through processing and analysis these data, the user gets a clear vision about the customer and their needs. The research's most important recommendation is that it's necessary for the organization to put a great interest in development its relationship with the customers and meet their needs and desires by storing and making use of customer-related data. In addition the organization should depend on and expand the use of DWH to serve the organization's goals.