Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


Hospital accreditation is considered by many as an important quality and business performance improvement tool. Accordingly, the present study aimed to investigate the impact of the application of accreditation standards in hospital performance in Jordanian private hospitals, from the perspective of doctors and nurses, during the years (2010-2011). The independent variables (Health Care Accreditation Council Standards) include:leadership, patient care, clinical safety, management of information, housekeeping, human resources, diagnostic services, social responsibility and continuous improvement. Dependent variables (Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Standards) include: Health, patient and staff outcomes, financial results, efficiency, and social results. A questionnaire of (77) questions is designed to collect the data, and administered among (286) personnel (17%) of the informants. Only (204), (71%) forms are received, and were processed statistically by using (SPSS, Ver. 15).Descriptive statistics were utilized to investigate the study variables and multiple regression analysis was utilized to analysis data and information.The findings revealed that the Jordanian private hospitals interested the accreditation standards, and these hospitals apply most of these standards in different positive levels. The study also revealed that there is a direct positive impact of the application of accreditation standards on the performance of hospitals. The study concludes with recommendations to Jordanian private hospitals in the areas of the importance of the application of the accreditation standards, encourage other hospitals to implement accreditation standards, and ensure the proper application of the accreditation standards in order to get rid of the assessment negative aspects and improve the hospital performance in private hospitals in Jordan.