Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


This study came out to examine the Determinants of competitiveness and profitability in the Jordanian commercial banks. As modern developments has appeared, such as; international expansion in banks number as well as their extended work internationally, the banking operations will be affected by the developments and modern variables in the international economy. As a result of these developments and the importance of the vital role of commercial banks in developing economic activities, there is a necessary to know the competitiveness and profitability level of Jordanian banking sector. The extent of banking concentration in this sector. This study has come out to achieve several goals; study of Jordanian banking sector development and financial legislations. Understanding the concept of competitiveness and the main factors which may determine the level of competitiveness and profitability in the local or foreign commercial banks. Measuring the level of banking concentration of these banks. Type of (Panzer – Rosse) was used to test the degree and the quality of competitiveness of commercial banks. The study indicated that there is a statistic effect between size and the total income. The study indicated that the degree and the quality of competitiveness of local and foreign banks is monopoly competitiveness. Level of competitiveness of big or medium banks working in Jordan is monopoly. Whereas, in small banks it was monopoly competitiveness. The results also demonstrated that there is no link between competitiveness of banking sector and economic variables such as; inflation, total domestic income, balances of payments and public budget deficit. The results demonstrated that there is a very high banking concentration of the study sample regarding to the assets. Therefore, there is competitiveness in commercial banks regarding to the insurance facilities.