Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The study aimed to discover the quality level of the services provided by the civil affairs and Passports Department in Amman Jordan from the perspective of the service recipients. To achieve this goal, a questionnaire was designed to measure the quality service level and the degree of the satisfaction of the services. The questionnaire was distributed to a random sample of (500) individuals of service recipients of this department. Only (410) questionnaires were valid for statistical analysis. The study results showed that the quality service level which was provided by The Civil Affairs and Passport Department in Amman Jordan was satisfying generally but in a medium degree. The results also showed that the service recipients were dissatisfied with the way the employees treating them and the insufficiency of the parking lots. Whereas the location of the department, the easiness of reaching it, the availability of copying services and the services of the special need people were appropriate. The study found that the quality of working procedures conducted in the department was inappropriate from their point of view. In their perspective, working hours, the required documents from them and the clarity of the required documents were satisfying. The study also found that there were no differences in the recipient perception of the appropriateness of the service location, the cooperation of staff and working procedures due to the age variable. However, it found statistically significant differences of the recipient's perceptions of the convenience of the service location and the cooperation of the staff due to the level of education of the recipients who had high school degree and less. The study presented a number of recommendations and proposals that if they are taken, they will improve the quality of service in the department.