Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


This study aimed to identify the factors that affect the purchase motives for female Saudi consumers who use instagram as purchasing channel in the women's Accessories sector, and identify the impact of some demographic variables (marital status, income level, and education level) on these factors. This study applies analytical descriptive method. The data has been collected using primary and secondary resources, and to achieve this goal (400) questionnaires were distributed. However; (340) questionnaire was valid and analyzed. The study results show that the degree of approval of Saudi respondents on the effect of the six factors under study on thier purchasing motives was moderate. Where "price" and “the availability of the product in the Saudi market" were the highly affective factors and had a high degree of approval. While the rest of factors came under study had a moderate level of approval and were arranged as follows: the level of confidence in the seller, the method of payment, service delivery, and finally items’ attractive image. The results also show that there are no statistical differences between Saudi female customers’ perceptions regarding the above-mentioned factors due to their demographic characteristics (marital status, income level, and education level) except their educational level on price.