Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The research paper attempted to explore the outweigh points of Chinese administrative reform to the Egyptian one, where the two experiences began three decades ago to support the move toward a market economy, however the Chinese reform achived many of its goals, wheras the Egyptian one did not. The paper also attempted to explore the factors of scuccess of the move toward a market economy, which in return lead to attain the comprehensive development. So the paper focused on conducting comparative study between two experiences. The paper aroused three Scientific hypotheses about Significant correlations between the scuccessful move toward a market economy and the scuccessful administrative reform, as one hypothesis, between the scuccessful administrative reform and adoption of New Public Service, as another hypothesis, and between the comprehensive development and the performance of government management,as a third hypothesis.The paper attempted to validate these hypotheses through arousing research questions about philosophy, axes, activities, outcomes, impacts, and challenges of administrative reform in China and Egypt. These questions were the main points of paper. The paper introduced answers to the research questions, and concluded three main results, as follows: 1- There were outweigh points of Chinese administrative reform which led to the sucess of move toward market economy and comprehensive development in China, and these points could be used in Egyptain administrative reform to overcome its stumble. 2- There were smiliar challenges facing administrative reform in Egypt and china, and the smilar experiences of developing countries could face these challenges that should be overcome. 3- The three scientific hypotheses have been validated.