Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


This study aimed at identifying the impact of the commodity quality on the demand of the Palestinian consumer from the perspective of the Palestine technical University employees. The analytical descriptive methodology was employed, and questionnaire was used as a means of this study. Out of the 311 employees, 155 employees were asked to respond to a questionnaire, and 133 questionnaires were recovered.The questionnaire consisted of 38 items, covering eight main domains. (SPSS) was used to process the data statistically. Other tests, including Cronbach's alpha, were used to work out validity, which was (0.96). Also means and standard deviation were used. This study reached many findings among of which was the number of commodity buyers is a significant indication of demand. As demand rises, this means that the commodity quality is higher.Another finding was that the consumers' expectation of commodity is evidence that demanding this commodity will rise. The study recommended more control over goods to maintain quality, which in turn will make these goods more competitive against other foreign or imported goods taken into account that quality of these goods must be improved, but not at the expense of price which must be kept proper to consumers.