Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The Present Study Aims To Indicate The Impact Of Strategic Operation Management On Strategic Project Management.The Problem Presented in the study examined some important key questions: Do the external and internal environment factors affect Strategic Operations through the fields of Operations Technologies, Production Planning and Control, Administration and Management? Do Strategic Operations affect Strategic Project Management through their fields and Operational Goals? Is it possible to regulate the relationship between the Strategic areas of Operations, to enhance the Distinctive Competency, of Nuqul Group. To answer the above questions have been raised the following scenario, reflect the impact and nature of the correlations between the elements of the external environment in Government Policies, Competition, Economic Factors, Was put the internal environment of Innovation, Human Resources, Organizational Structure, Between Strategic Operations through their fields, And the influence on the Strategic Project Management, In respect to Time, Quality, Consumer, Cost and Resources.