Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


Total productive Maintenance has a great importance in industrial Companies as a new philosophy of continuous improvement and one of the most important ways keeping the physical and human Resources on a continuous productive level. In addition, Electrical energy is considered the basis of modern industry, and is used in various fields and cannot be dispensable in our daily life. Hence, The importance of this study stems from the Approach of TPM to improve production capacity of Electrical production power stations.The Study has tackled the issue of decreasing the operational production capacity than the Maximum production capacity in the Electrical production power stations. The sample of Analysis was based on the biggest two stations of electrical power in Greater Cairo and the study follows the method of comprehensive counting of mangers at middle, higher and executive management levels at stations of North Cairo and Western Cairo as the biggest stations in Cairo.There are various results for this study, most important of which is the weakness of the applicable maintenance program in each of North Cairo and Western Cairo that negatively affects the operational production capacity, making a Gap between it and the maximum production capacity. In turn, the maintenance adopting system based on the reactive policy not on the proactive policy. In addition to the lack of original space, parts and maintenance requirements and thus the equipment do not get out at the right time to perform the maintenance. The study recommends that TPM approach should be applied to increase the production capacity of the operating system and reducing the decline in the operational production capacity than the maximum production capacity in each of North Cairo and Western Cairo.