Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


This study aimed to highlight the importance of volunteer work and its growing role in the development and progress of societies and to promote its cohesion; where the volunteer work is considered as "a third sector" in addition to the public and private sectors.The researchers endeavored to review the status of voluntary work in some developed countries. They highlight its size through the number of related agencies, and through the ratio of shareholders of the total population. In addition, this study focused on the contribution of volunteer work in the development and progress of societies by highlighting the social, cultural and financial benefits. It focuses also on the benefits covering the volunteers themselves through their involvement in the labor force, and developing of a range of skills.This study is also aimed to highlighting the relatively modest situation of organized voluntary works in the Arab countries, and to propose a model for its activation that is based on four main interrelated components:1) The organization, which includes the development of an adequate strategy and regulations permitting to perform such works on a solid and clear foundation.2) Funding; where the appropriate funding resources can provide the necessary budget for its carrying out, development and continuity.3) Information Technology that plays an important role in the development of volunteer work and its quality of performance, sensitizing the population to related activities, and facilitating communication between its stakeholders.4) Volunteer Work Marketing that ensure the dissemination of the culture of voluntary works, instill and develop a love of volunteer works among the community in general and the donors in particular.The researchers hope to contribute this study about the volunteer works and the proposed model, to activate it, to urge communities to give them the importance that is consistent with the size of the benefits resulting therefrom.