Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


Empowerment has become today a necessary means to get rid of the concentration of power, which impedes the progress of the administrative work and the need of the necessities of good organization of administrative work, it leads to speed the issuance of decisions and the elimination of the slow procedures and resolving administrative problems before they get complicated and difficult to resolve; Because make decisions quickly and administrative level near of the problem to be addressed, which saves time and effort and money spent in the case of the concentration of power in the hands of the administrative head; all this works automatically on the reduction of administrative corruption.The research problem in that the concentration of power at the senior management level of the most important causes of administrative corruption; Can contribute to empowerment career, which works to grant the authority and responsibility for workers to be able to manage their business and take responsibility and control over the results in the reduction of administrative corruption.The crimes of administrative corruption of the most serious crimes on the growth and security of States political, economic and social; That is because it represents a negative impact extends to all aspects of society, which may be difficult to avoid or control them often; Thus, the attention required reasons and administrative corruption species scattered from him and produce and control is imperative in order to keep up with the wheel of development; therefore, the main objective of the research is to identify the role of empowerment career in the reduction of administrative corruption.