Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The research aims to diagnose impact the personal characteristics of the knowledge makers to share knowledge at the University of Mosul. To achieve the objectives of the research questionnaire has been developed especially for it and then distributed to a sample of teachers in some of the faculties of the University of Mosul, as the research sample tattoos (106) respondents. One of the most important findings of the research, the nature of the work at the University of Mosul depend on the availability of the personal characteristics of the knowledge workers, because the availability of such personal characteristics increase the need to acquire knowledge in preparation for the sharing by knowledge makers, it turns out not to similar properties personalities knowledge workers in the strength of its influence in the process knowledge Sharing.The proposed research should be thrown knowledge makers in the areas of teamwork, which would enable those who autism to recognize how fusion as part of groups and positive interaction in the framework, which in turn reflected positively on the process knowledge sharing, as well as to encourage knowledge makers to participate in seminars and conferences as represents a gateway to promote process knowledge sharing.The present research provides a basis for objective practices in the field of behavior required for personnel as knowledge workers by selecting the personal characteristics of them and see which is more effective to knowledge sharing.