Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The topic of Information Technology received wide attention by many researchers, because of its importance in shaping the future trends of the electronic organizations. And technology is the information of the necessary tools to improve the quality of services, as the information technology in the Directorate-General for the production of electrical energy (Salahuddin) require governance model E-effective to work in line with the model of corporate governance (organizations), which aroused the interest of researchers to raise the problem of their research, which was launched from questioned the effect the extent to which driving the adoption of information technology in improving the quality of services has been designed default form to determine the relationship between the variables of IT governance and the quality of services based on two assumptions key was to develop a questionnaire to collect data field side of the search results were analyzed and test hypotheses using SPSS, targeted Find discuss the decisions that the General Directorate for the production of electrical energy in Salah al-Din, to improve the concepts of IT governance and its role in improving the quality of service in the organization surveyed. And provide parameters theory and field for the company surveyed for IT governance and its role in improving the quality of services through the study of the status quo in the company in question and try to extrapolate the problems faced on the one hand, and to provide solutions specific to the subject of study and orientation of the hand and contribute to the elaboration of a theoretical framework and a knowledge of IT governance including the concepts and applications. Add to that recognize the concepts of modern literature in the field of service (the concept of quality of service), and to clarify the importance and benefits of dimensions and implementation steps and elements The most important conclusions that there is a correlation between the moral and the impact of IT governance and the quality of service and research was presented a set of recommendations was to consolidate and support IT governance and in a manner indicates continuity and enhances the quality of services.