Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The purpose of this study is to identify the role of small businesses to employment of national (Saudi) manpower at the same time to identify the ability and readiness of Saudis, businesses’ owners to accept and dealing with this. The study has been applied on (293) small businesses supported by The Centennial Fund (TCF) in Riyadh region of different types, trading, service, industrial, and agricultural. In order to achieve this goal the most related literature were reviewed and the researcher proposed questionnaire distributed to the study sample. Following the testing of the study's hypotheses, for the purpose of statistical analysis, some tools were used, such as descriptive, and alpha. The study reached the following results: - Small businesses provide suitable jobs for Saudis. - Owners of small businesses adopt employment of Saudis as well as knowledge gain from labors. - It is not easy to owners of small businesses to find specialized Saudis. - Some social cultures build barriers between Saudis and some jobs in small businesses. - The role of dedicated firms to support small businesses, through coordination, organization, and planning. The study provided a number of recommendations and suggestions offered by academics related to small business enterprise. • The relevant bodies has to support the development of small business to increase awareness of the importance of such businesses to the society. • Link the large business and small businesses so that the former provides facilities for these small businesses. • Prepare the business graduates equipped with skills and competencies to make use of the opportunities available in the small businesses area. • Establish a center that would provide advice and support to who are interested to work in small businesses. • Design training programs that might lead to potential employment.