Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


This study aim to clarify the impact of marketing relationship quality on customer loyalty of mobile phone companies, to attempt that the researcher’s designed a questionnaire set for the purpose of gathering a special data to the study, and distributed to a sample with a total of (558) customers of mobile phone companies in Jordan. The study sample covered all customers’ classes and (500) questionnaire sets were return back for statistical analysis. The questionnaire set were consist of (38) item’s which covered (9) dimensions were as; communication, trust, commitment, satisfaction, cooperation, certifying, preferences and pre purchasing. The study come out with the following results: there is an impact of marketing relationship quality of all its elements (communication, trust, commitment, satisfaction and cooperation on customer loyalty in terms of certifying, preferences, pre purchasing of mobile phone companies. In addition to that the study result show’s that there is no statistical differences between the impact of marketing relationship quality on mobile phone companies refer to type of gender, but there is a statistical difference refer educational level, number of year’s dealing with the company, income and nature of job. The researcher’s gives a set of recommendation and the most is; The mobile phone companies should increase the degree of customer’s needs at tensions and increasing the degree of respect to customer’s, and the mobile companies should increase the level of customer’s trust to provide the best service, and keep cooperating with customer after sales, and to expand the coverage of bigger geographical destination to increase customer satisfaction toward its services.