Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


Knowledge management is one of the most important improvement input now a days, whereas qualitative actions has occurred at the performance level of different organizations, this study concentrate on knowing the knowledge management concept, its goals, and identifying knowledgeable management factuality especially in Jeddah municipality. Searching generally in the work system improvement at governmental organizations in Jeddah municipality. The study seeks to achieve the goals via the best usage of available sources through knowledge generation, improvement, participation and application. This study aims at identifying the employees of Jeddah municipality comprehension to knowledge management concept. The researcher used two instruments for gathering data from study community, which consists of (6 General Directorates in Jeddah). The study sample concludes 165 individual to carry out questionnaire has been chosen randomly. The study sample forms 25% of the total individuals whereas 170 questionnaires has been distributed, the back questionnaires are 160 i.e. 94.12%. also using many interviews as another instrument to be sure of the collected information, to achieve the study goals and follow the descriptive analysis approach and achieve the necessary data and using SPSS in order to analyzes the questionnaire thru Pearson, ANOVA & T Test and that has achieved internal stability whereas Cronbach's Alpha Result 0.980 for all questionnaire parts. The study concluded: 1- There's a relationship with statistical significance between the requirements and operations of knowledge management & the vocational performance distinguishing at significance level 0.05= a 2- There is also a relationship between the means of the study sample individuals' response towards person variables according to the gender whereas the significance level is less than 0.05. 3- There is no differences with statistically significance between the means of the study sample individuals' response towards person variables (Age, Scientific Qualification, Experience) whereas the significance level is higher than 0.05. The study demonstrates some recommendations, the most important ones are: 1- Enhancing the governmental employee as thinking capital, success basics, co-communication and confidence among the employees in the organization. 2- Set an effective and fair for Incentives and rewards system guarantee investment and encouraging the laborers to generate new ideas inside the organization. 3- Updating a specialized dependent administrative unit in an organizational structure and determining its tasks via knowledge construction, ownership, cooperation, and evaluating.