Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


This study aims to measure the response of industrial organizations to the requirements of just in time system; to achieve this goal, the study designs a questionnaire in order to collect the data from factory managers, department heads, and units officials of (3) factories of the production of mineral water of Governance of Dahouk. This study contains two hypotheses; the first one is the fundamental requirements of JIT system are available in considered factories; the second hypothesis is the considered factories try to establish JIT requirements. The study uses many statistical tools to analyze (25) questionnaire by using (SPSS) package that produced set of findings, from these findings:  The requirements of just in time approach are responded in the factories considered.  TQM was ranked first in term of the relative importance of the adoption of JIT requirements depending on the respondents’ viewpoint. The second place was for reduce the waiting time of production and the time initialization time and setup. The third place was for multi-skilled workers. A minimal inventory was ranked fourth. The fifth place was for small batch size. Final place was for JIT purchasing. The study was presented a set of proposals that are most important the companies of industrial sector in the Dahouk should have a culture that believe in new recommendations and ideas, especially that help establishing just in time system.