Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


In the Last decades, knowledge management appears and became as necessity, it accompanied with continues learning for current organizations to become a learning organization. This study aimed to identify the impact of knowledge management infrastructure on organizational learning in the Jordanian commercial banks, (Northern Region). A sample was drawn from Jordanian commercial banks (northern region), a questionnaire of thirty questions was designed and administered among (95) top level managers, of which (84) were returned and considered as validated. The study found a positive relation between knowledge management infrastructure in organizations structure, culture, physical environment, and organizational learning. While this relation doesn’t appear for information technology, which mean accept the hypotheses associated with the positive relation and reject the hypotheses associated with negative relation. The researcher recommended that its necessity to encourage individuals whose working in this kind of business to take initiative, and its important to adjust the organizational structure to be accommodated with organizational learning, define organizational learning objectives, provide information technology infrastructure. And making further researches on the effects of information technology infrastructure, on organizational learning.