Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


This study aimed to investigate the role of knowledge management in the selection of strategic alternative to the managers of Saudi’s telecommunication companies, and the study been applied on 65 managers working in the Saudi telecommunication companies. To achieve the purpose of this study a questionnaire is developed to measure both independent and dependent variables, it consisted of 35 items; out of it 30 items to measure knowledge management and the rest 5 items to measure strategic alternative, the study instrument achieved an acceptable validity and reliability. Means, standard deviations and multiple regressions used to answer the research questions and test the hypothesis. The results of research findings, including: the level of knowledge management implementation in STC is high, and the level of strategic alternative implementation is high, as well. The research also found that there is significant effect of knowledge Creation and storage in the STC managers’ selection of strategic alternative; furthermore, there is no significant effect of knowledge management (Diagnosis, acquisition, distribution and implementation) in the STC managers’ selection of strategic alternative. According to the findings the research provides a set of recommendations, including: the need to assess knowledge possessed by Telecommunication Company compared to other competing companies. The STC should acquire knowledge through the use of regional and international organizations. Moreover to work on adopting and holding seminars, discussions and brainstorming sessions as a mean to develop a strategic alternative of selection process.