Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


This study aims to diagnose the reality of e- health system in the King Abdullah University Hospital and clarify its various requirements and procedures, as well as to identify the level of staff awareness of the significance of applying the e-health system. To achieve the objectives of the study, has been designed questionnaire for the dimensions of e-health system and has been distributed to a sample of (105) members of five majors are: (doctors, nurses, administrators, technicians, and pharmacists) working at the hospital of (KAUH). The study found that the level of applying e-health system at this hospital to some extent is low, moreover there is variation in the application of e-health dimensions, the most applicable dimensions of e-health system were The system of development the health services then the system of electronic medical records finally telemedicine system. The study also showed that the level of staff awareness of the e-health system in the hospital sample does not differ according to variables (gender, age, educational qualification), while different from where experience variable. The study also pointed to the existence of significant differences between the current applicable dimensions of e-health system at this hospital compared with other hospitals, which apply the same system. The research provides a set of recommendations that will help manage this hospital on the application of e-health system as required.