Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


During the past twenty years there was growing to focus on the leadership succession planning in order to provide the right person in the right place for each job at any time (Conger & Fulmer, 2003), and increasingly there were focus in the case leadership retirement as happened in many international and local organizations where you are having problems to find alternative when a large proportion of employees who leave the work. previous studies have confirmed that the causes of the failure in the leadership succession planning effectively and there are a number of challenges facing these plans (Conger & Fulmer, 2002). These challenges and not overcome them will lead to weaknesses or failure to do succession planning and therefore difficult to provide a suitable leaders at the right time in the right place to achieve organization goals. The study was focused to answer the following questions: 1- Identify the challenges of leadership succession in government agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from the standpoint of government administrative leadership. 2- to identify the differences in the challenges of succession plans of government administrative leaders in the Kingdom according to the characteristics of the sample. 3- to make recommendations to contribute to the success of leadership succession in government agencies in the Kingdom. To achieve the objectives a questionnaire has been design and presented to (8) of the specialists and academics. Cronbach›s alpha coefficient also exceeded 0.84 for each question. To determine the appropriate size of the sample, government bodies of 102 were divided into four different layers (according to the type of organization), and equal random sample of each layer withdrawn by 6 devices in the first stage, including rate of almost 24%. Then a random sample of (360) was distributed to the managers at different levels, and 206 was return. The results of the study was analyzed and has found that one of the challenges facing government agencies in the leadership succession plans: lack of performance appraisal system. Lack of motivation system that focus to build future leaders». The study also found that there are significant differences between the groups on a number of questions. The study made a number of recommendations: build a system of leadership succession planning in the kingdom so that it focuses on the recruitment and promotion requirements for the construction of administrative leadership and developed continuously in order to achieve the objectives of those devices. And the establishment of a center for the construction of administrative leaders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And create a succession planning department in the government agencies to achieve the objectives of succession plans. And continuous support from the leaders and their commitment to the effectiveness of the role of the department punish leaders in achieving the organization›s objectives and their customers need.