Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


Environmental advocacy aims to achieve growth and development, through a conscious effort by the defenders towards environmental issues. The importance of environmental advocacy to get through the commitment of officials towards environmental issues, thereby enhancing the skill and strength of the regulatory staff and their commitment to play an active role in the success of those efforts. It can develop a research problem of how to strengthen the organizational commitment of various dimensions (emotional, and continuous, and normative) for employees of community service sector universities to influence their responses to environmental advocacy efforts; leading to improved quality of life and preservation of the environment. This research is one of the attempts to communicate between the humanities through the study of the relationship between two variables combine the Management Sciences (organizational commitment), environmental science (environmental advocacy); and in this they are trying to reach to activate the environmental advocacy efforts, depending on strengthening the organizational commitment of the staff of community service sector universities mechanisms. Recommendations: The need to adopt a holistic perspective of the development of the regulatory sector of community service, and improve its services to support confidence in the environmental advocacy efforts. Reformulation of the main objectives of the service sector Mahtma to highlight the importance of environmental advocacy through ongoing strategic review of community service sector. Provide environmental studies and consulting expertise by petition for scientists and university professors to promote the concept of the university in the service of society as a radiation source civilized. - Establish a focal point for environmental advocate and indigenization in production sites and services to support and consolidate the external communication between the community and the environment surrounding the service sector process.