Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


Due to the increased environmental interest and recital attempts of governmental and non-governmental organizations, the preceding decade has observed a marvelous rise in environmental awareness globally. The brisk economic growth in the last years and uncontrolled consumption pattern are instigating environmental relapse and over utilization of natural resources globally. As consumers, people can condense the bearing of their purchase behavior on the environment and create a difference through their purchase decision. They have the supremacy to create an opportunity for businesses that are using “eco-friendly” or “environment-friendly” as a constituent of their value proposition. The objective of this research is to explore factors which affect the purchase of eco-friendly products in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector in India and to reveal the factors used by corporates from the marketing-mix components (product, price, place and promotion) that have an impact on green purchase attitudes and to explore if some factors are more critical than others. Moreover, the other factors from the opinion of the consumer, such as the word of mouth and satisfaction, will be studied. The research uses a quantitative research blueprint which includes data compilation based on a survey and further examination and testing data using simple correlations, multiple regression, and ANOVA. The outcome of the research denotes that satisfaction (through past experience), advertising/promotion and word of mouth impact the purchase decisions of consumers towards environment-friendly products. The study would be of immense help to the companies in FMCG sector as they get a clue about the best marketing strategies that they can implement to comprehend the consumers' attitudes and purchase intentions towards environment-friendly products. Furthermore, these corporates will have insight about how to outline environmental-friendly consumers in India and to develop effective messages that will purposefully and emotionally allure to their target customers and accordingly make marketing strategy.