Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The correct understanding of organizational culture represents a strategic dimension in the effective, good and proper performance of the departments of public organizations, and in the health of interaction between them and the foreign environment process, and need public organizations to acquire a distinct organizational culture, allow them to enjoy the high professionalism in carrying out their duties and functions of the President in meeting the needs of society in the framework of commitment to specific cultural values check compatibility of its activities and behaviors with the trends and needs of the members of the community, and which will be reflected positively on the level of effectiveness and performance of the year, embodied the basic idea of this research indicate the role of organizational culture in building an effective organization, As the organization is nothing but Systems (Systems) and is a particularly open systems (Open Systems) should adapt to fluctuations and environmental changes varied in different areas in the light of the redesign of the cultural built disproportionate with future goals and objectives, according to (Serrat, 2009: 2) (not species strongest and brightest of organizations that remain, but those that are organizational culture more responsive to environmental change rapidly), so it divided the primary trend that is being discussed in this research into three levels: the first focuses on the statement of the content of each of the organization and structure of organizational identifying the most important dimensions of its constituent, As for the second level is to clarify after the organizational culture as one-dimensional main structure organizational, and the role it can play in enhancing the effectiveness of the organization, but for the third level are in the light of which touched on the concept of organized actors in the framework of determining the most important Completing her at the level of the general organization was finally out a number of conclusions and recommendations, the most prominent conclusions that the achievement of sustainable development requires the departments of the organizations commitment to cultural values commensurate with the perimeter of the current business environment, either the most prominent recommendations they need to deepen the awareness of the departments of the organizations officials, and the consolidation of convictions of the importance of this organization in the longer guide the formulation of goals and strategies Organization.