Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


This research paper tries to reach the understanding of the subject of black marketing and all axes which connecting with, depending on a lot of researchers to deepen the concept of black marketing, to answer the questions below: What is the black marketing? What are the reasons for its evolution? What is the result of increasing the black marketing? Why has the black marketing increased? The research tried to find satisfactory answers for all of these questions, because the concept of black marketing is contemporary that all academic experts are expressing their fears about its growth and that because the changing going throw the world whether in the political, economic and social field and the speed of these changes. In this research, we discussed so many topics such as the concept of black marketing, the difference between black marketing and traditional marketing, black marketing mix, black marketing, black marketing effects, and how to face it. Depending on studies that mentioned the subject of our study. Our main goal is to increase awareness of the dangers of black marketing on society and the economy, as well as to encourage more researchers to conduct studies on it.