Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


This study aims to clarify the important of governance role, where it becomes really very important, especially in light of crises experienced by financial and banking world systems, which bring the emphasize on the importance of working hard to promote the application of principles for corporate governance in financial institutions and banks in particular. This aims to organize shared relations between executive management, board of directors, and stakeholders, in order to tighten control over the administration and not to prejudice the interests of dealers with these banks, such that the survival, prosperity and growth of these banks are guaranteed. Researchers concluded a set of results and recommendations, in which application of corporate governance of Islamic banks in Jordan is promoted to a good level and according to the available governance guide in each bank. The Central Bank of Jordan is working to strengthen and develop the role of the regulatory and supervisory over banks and financial institutions, by emphasizing the need to discipline each bank and commitment to the directives of the Central Bank, including the corporate governance for 2007, which aims to protect these banks and their customers, and also to discover any possible risks. Also, this study finds that promoting the application of governance in Jordanian banks needs to convince these institutions officials with the importance of governance and its role in enhancing the bank’s ability to succeed, compete and consolidate its relationship with various parties that are linked to its activities. Moreover, it is important to consider several measures, means and capabilities that enhance the application of corporate governance in Jordanian banks and allow utilizing its advantages.