Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The international and regional economic Coalition and cooperation is nowadays one of the traits of social and economic development under the new universal variables, as the call for integration expanded and became increasingly important as an expression of sound comprehension for the development requirements in this era. This universal trend towards establishing economic coalition is what caused economists to call this era, the integration era. As it became a strategic target and a necessity imposed by the universal economic development facing universal competition. This study importance is due to its illustration for the importance of the Arabic African trend towards achieving target integration together with drawing light on the important obstacles and challenges that impede its achievement Also displaying an applied pattern about the commercial exchange relationships between Egypt and COMESA Gathering and its future aspirations, together with trying to write some scenarios suggested to consolidate and activate the African Arabic Commercial exchange in general and commercial exchange between Egypt and COMESA Gathering in particular the study tried to prove the validity of these hypothesis: These are a lot of profits that could be achieved when activating the African Arabic Commercial exchange in spite of the existence of a lot of obstacles and challenges. There are great chances for the development of Egyptian exports when activating the commercial exchange between it and COMESA Gathering. This study could submit suggested scenarios for consolidating such commercial exchange. The study suggested a group of policies to re-construct these relations based on three core levels: First: On official level (governmental) Second: On the popular level Third: On the foundational level. In the end, we hope that these scenarios would be an active tool to consolidate the dealings and interaction between the African Arabic parties, the matter which make these relations stronger than any casual variables that may face them.