Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The green economy is the activity that focuses on quality of life and quality even more. As it is consistent with the environment and befriend, and had no adverse effects to the environment, or at least does not add any new burdens on the environment or increases the degree of contamination and degradation. This research aims to review some experiences of developed countries and leading a shift the transition to a green economy, such as the Danish and Korean experience and Brazilian experience and the experience of Ecuador, Tunisia, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates and others, and how to utilize them in the Saudi economy to shift to Green supportive of sustainable development economy. It also aims to highlight current efforts for the Kingdom’s efforts towards the greening of the economy. To achieve this, use the search descriptive approach. The research concluded that the Kingdom could benefit from some international experiences in this regard, and in particular those relating to the ten major sectors of the economy such as energy, transport, water, agriculture, forests, industry, buildings and cities, tourism, and waste recycling.