Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The majority of modern societies in the world tend to realize the sustainable development goals: via the adoption of suitable economic, social and environmental policies. Therefore the different earth summits - which take place at Rio 1992 and South Africa 2002- call for the creation of appropriate mechanisms to implement the various sustainable development plans and programs; as the different counties -especially the developing one- had to absorb the sustainability concepts to modernize their societies. Hence, the need to an aggregate society capacity building is a must to ensure the realization of an adequate sustainable development within the society. Many researchers pretend that training is the only pillar for capacity building; it’s surely a big mistake. Despite the importance of training and learning in capacity building; but there are other pillars essential to capacity building fulfillment; such as the restructuring and the organizational development of different organizations in the society; whether they are public or private. Then, the capacity building strategies had to be implemented via the collective collaboration of different stakeholders in the society - in the context of social justice concept- to enhance the good governance realization in the society; which pave the way to sustainable development realization. Thus, the aim of such paper – in this context- to detect the capacity building concepts and to analyze its strategies and policies to develop human resources, organizational development and institutional reforming; to identify the necessary pillars to ensure the effective implementation of sustainable development programs; necessary to realize the intended social justice and societal governance. Then, this paper tend to focus on the Egyptian case of capacity building; identifying in details the different barriers that impede the capacity building strategies implementation. Furthermore, it sheds light on the different pillars of the Egyptian program for societal capacity building.