Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


Objectives of the Study The process of answering the questions raised by the research will lead to the following: Clarifying the concept of partnership, and spotting the different angles from which the concept was tackled by scholars and researchers. Showing the differences between the concept of partnership and other concepts such as; governance, empowerment, merge and privatization. The benefits of partnership as medium between the government and the private sector. The functions of the government drastically increased in the last decade, which caused major deficit and am increase in the public demands. To fulfill the functions of the government efficiently and effectively the private sector has to take a role. The question now, what is the limits of that role and how to regulate it2 This paper will depend on the descriptive method, the descriptive studies aims to describe a certain situation, certain patterns or events to show its own characteristic. Main Result of the Paper The process of managing the activities between the government and the private sector has to cope with the national economic and social development agenda. Partnership is a way to achieve economic stability through the integration between the public and private sectors. Partnership is a new way of investment, for a better a location of resources. There are many versions of partnership contracts which will give the government many options to choose from.